how to buy

Our wraps are produced mostly in limited editions of about 10-20 wraps. All new wraps are previewed on our Facebook page, we recommend you to follow it for more information. Limited editions are being sold via draw to purchase. When we have wraps for sale ready, the form for subscription is posted also in our blog.

If you prefer to buy your wrap without a necessity of drawing, we invite you to check our less limited wraps in online shop or take a look at our minimalist brand MOM.


about wraps

QUALITY  We are producing baby wraps from various fibers and blends and picking only the highest quality yarns all over the world like handpicked extra long staple cottons or the best european silk.

ETHICS The same importance as the quality of our yarns are their origin and an animal welfare, therefore we are only using a mulesing free merino wool. We always prefer a sustainable yarn over a “regular choice” yarn. Our wraps are designed, woven and finished in the Czech Republic.

DESIGN Clean, fresh and modern design is what we love. We believe babywearing is not only healthy and practical, but also beautiful. You will always carry your baby in style with Omnifera. Our patterns are original, created specially for our wraps.

Our speciality is a signature Omnifera Quadruplex Design. Patterns in this design style allows you to choose your favourite side. You can turn it over four times to change the image and get the right look for you, always modern, clean and minimalist. Figures on patterns in Quadruplex Design are changing their density along the width and enable you to wear a bold pattern or a subtle disappearing pattern in one wrap (for example Inception, Heart Rock or Skyfall pattern).

COMFORT Because wraps should not only be luxurious and beautiful, but also comfortable, we spent a huge amount of time by developing the right construction of the fabric to provide you the most pleasant experience while babywearing. We are testing all our wraps ourselves.

INNOVATION We always look forward and try to find new themes in babywearing. Therefore we could introduce to the market a wrap with a swiss “ice cotton” or a cruelty free Ahimsa silk.

Our wraps are produced in limited editions with love and an emphasis on a detail.

We do not like compromises. For our babies and for yours as well.

wrap care

Your wrap arrives in a loom state. It is required to wash your wrap prior to a first use.

WASHING Always follow washing instruction on the label of your wrap. Use a mild detergent and do not use harsh detergents that contain bleaches or brighteners. Fabric softener reduces the life of the fabric and makes it lose grip. Every wrap requires different temperature depending on contents of the fabric.


If your wrap requires a hand wash, wash it gently in your bath tube in a luke warm water. Use a mild wool detergent. Never squeeze your wrap after washing. Roll it in a towel and press gently with your hands. Place horizontally when drying. Iron your wrap on wool settings. 

DRYING We do not recommend tumble drying, though tumbling them shortly at a low temperature after drying can help soften and ‘break in’ cotton and linen wraps. NEVER tumble dry wool and silk blend wraps! Also avoid drying silk and wool blends in a direct sunlight.

IRONING Cotton and linen wraps can be steamed to avoid the fabric creasing along the same lines repeatedly, which can lead to wear. Wool blend wraps can be ironed on a low heat settings and silk blends should be ironed on a cool settings.