front wrap cross carry

Front wrap cross carry is supposed to be a basic carry. We recommend you to learn this carry as the first.

You can always write us if you have further questions.


For a basic Front wrap cross carry:

  • size 7 (lenght 5,2m) - clothing size 44 EU and bigger
  • size 6 (lenght 4,7m) - clothing size 38 EU - 42 EU
  • size 5 (lenght 4,2m) - clothing size 34 EU - 38 EU
  • size 4 (lenght 3,7m) - clothing size 32 EU

These sizes are a general recommendation. It can vary depending on your proportions and height.

Size 6 is a standard size and is good to start with if you are new to babywearing.

Shorter wraps are recommended in case you are experimenting with other carries that need less wrap length.


  • Always use common sense when using a wrap.
  • Check on the baby often.
  • Ensure that your baby has a good air supply and is able to breathe freely. Make sure there is no fabric over his/her face or mouth.
  • Always make sure your baby is well wrapped. Wrap tightly and ensure that your baby is adequately supported by the wrap. Make a good ‘seat’ by tucking a good amount of fabric under his/her bum and ensuring that the fabric is spread knee pit to knee pit. Follow the wrapping instructions on the other side of this card.
  • Make sure your baby’s head is supported and knees are at the same height or higher than hips. This ‘froggy-like’ position provides optional positioning for knee and hip joints.
  • You should always be able to kiss the top of your baby’s head when using a front carry.
  • Always tie your wrap securely with a double knot.  
  • Do not ride a bike, drive vehicles or even operate machinery and avoid strenuous activities, heat sources or exposure to chemicals when using a wrap.
  • Never leave your child unsupervised with a wrap.
  • Be aware of your child’s body heat when using a wrap. It provides extra layers of fabric and therefore warmth for you both. You also share each others body heat, so adjust yours choice of clothing to these facts. Make sure to warm your baby’s legs if necessary.
  • Always wear your baby facing your body.
  • When practicing back carries do it over a soft surface or with someone ready to help.
  • Always check your wrap before every use for any signs of wear and tear. Stop using it immediately if you notice any damage.
  • You can always ask us for advice or visit a babywearing consultant near to you.
  • By using MOM wrap you assume responsibility for the safety of your child. We cannot be held liable for any accidents that occur as a result of the misuse of your wrap.