Inception 022


material: 63% egyptian cotton, 37% mongolian yak wool
weight: 340g/m2 pre-wash


Yak wool is often compared to cashmere, but yak fibre is much more eco-friendly and sustainable. Our Yak wool comes from Mongolia and is undyed. Yes, this beautiful dark chocolate colour is natural! It is soft as cashmere, warm, great for cold weather.

Inception 022 is a thicker, supportive and extra comfortable wrap suitable from medium to heavy weight babies. It is like your favourite sweater – soft, warm and cuddly and that is why we love it so much.

Signature Omnifera Quadruplex design style created by Jana Kracmarova allows you to choose your favourite side. The pattern gradually disappears along the width of the wrap, creating a bold design on one side and leaving only few elements on the other side. Turn it over four times to get the right look for you, always modern, clean and minimalist.

There is usually about 10-20 wraps in our limited editions.

Designed, woven and packed with love!

Additional information

Weight 1.3 kg




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